Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Nest is a Wreck

I suppose, as they say, this baby's gonna be here soon come hell or high water.

I think we've got the high water part covered. 


When June first saw this mess she instinctively covered her ears in fear and snuggled up on the steps with me. I guess she assumes the clean up will be loud? It's okay, Junie. I'm a little freaked, too.




This is what you call the opposite of baby-proofing:


My strong nesting instinct refuses to be entirely thwarted by mother nature, though. Voilà: an organized pantry! Ha ha - I am in control of something after all!


Full set of water damage fun times photos available on Flickr here for anyone interested in seeing more, (which I know is probably only you, Beth). 


Maggie and Mike said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Mike and I just took a look at the Flickr stuff also. I can't believe it. Well, give the insane rain we've had, I can believe it. Oh, Kate, can we do anything to help?
Do you want to come over here this week?

Maggie and Mike said...

Oh and I love your pantry.

Susan said...

Oh noooo! So sorry about the flooding? What was the culprit....rain or an appliance?

RitaP said...

How do I get access to your Flikr site? SOrry to hear about the flooding! I know how it is1

Kate said...

Susan - rain. Lots of it.

RitaP - my Flickr handle is "baumgak" - I think you have to add me as a contact first to get access?

Emily said...

Ugh! I wish we were closer and could offer you a dry refuge, or at least dinner. Hang in there!