Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Old Man, Where Are Your Peepers?

Waylon's got some swelling around his eyes that they tell us is common and normal for newborns, it just means that for now he looks like Mr. Magoo. (Which is not meant offensively toward the blind. Seriously, it's an objectively true fact that that's the cartoon character he most closely resembles at the moment.)


Here's about all we get to see of his eyes most of the time, especially his left one:

I suspect the puffiness will dissipate in the next few days and he'll begin to wake up more, too.  Of course, to us he's perfect either way.  But I couldn't even begin to tell you who in our family he might look like, other than he was apparently born with Joe's current hairstyle!

We had a wonderful 4th birthday and homecoming today.  More on that later. 


Me? A Mom? said...

oh, he's precious. Lila was like that too. Seems like it took about a week to finally see her eyes.

Anonymous said...

He's so precious!!! Tom T