Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Three and Under

Since Joe and I have so much experience, let us give you our advice for parenting three children ages three and under: outsource most of it.

Have your sister, brother in law, and parents watch the older two kids while you take advantage of room service at the hospital and occasionally send the new baby with the nurse to the nursery for a couple of short spells of overnight sleep between feedings.

Granted, our advice will only work if like us, you only have about 36 hours of having three three and under. (Georgia turns four tomorrow.)

All kidding aside, the girls met their brother for the first time this morning, and it was so sweet. The pictures say more than I can put into words.

Their doll carriers were their gifts from Waylon.








June insisted that we keep removing layers, all the way down until Waylon's diaper was off.




Unfortunately, they had to cart Waylon away for the rest of Georgia and June's visit for some specifically timed medical tests, but all was not lost.  We had big times going up and down in the mechanical bed. 




Leslie Stafford said...

These are absolutely beautiful pictures, especially the first family portrait. Congrats again. Much love to you all!

Beth said...

I don't think this emphasizes enough June's insistent on being IN CHARGE of Waylon! "I hold him! My baby!" ... I will kiss him by also giving him a HEAD BUTT! That boy is going to get used to "rough and tumble" right away with so much lovin'

Susan said...

I was just thinking I was ready to see some pics of the girls w/ Waylon! And I am glad to see your sister's comment because when I saw the picture of June with both her arms tightly wrapped around the baby, it crossed my mind they she may have declared him as HER baby. So cute.

Angelique said...

What a beautiful family of five!! Congrats to you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!! So sweet. Congrats again, glad to see everyone is doing so well. Tom T.

Danni said...

Great pictures! Such a beautiful happy family! It makes me happy!

Sarah said...

What an adorable family! Awwww! I hope you oooh and ahhh over him for months! So cute! The pictures of June look like she understands what's going on - so cute! And Happy Birthday to Georgia!