Saturday, September 24, 2011


1) You MUST watch this video.

Per YouTube: "Ain't no party like a Pyongyang party, 'cause a Pyongyang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY."

2) Even funnier (to me) was when Georgia saw the video this morning and asked, "Is that the marching band we're going to see today?"

Um, no. No it's not.

With no further ado, I give you a few highlights from Northwestern University Marching Band's Kids' Day 2011:

Ready for some marching guitar with her cousins:

Breaking in the new purple hardwood at Welsh Ryan arena:


Wait - did you watch the video? C'mon, you better scroll back up and do it. I think you won't regret it.


Kelly said...

That video is hilarious! Awesome pictures of G - love the cheerleading uniform! Looks like she had a blast :)

Karen said...

That video was awesome! All the clapping and marching footage was in sync with the song. Soooo awesome! I have a high school friend that marched for Northwestern from weren't in the band then, were you?