Monday, November 7, 2011

All About Waylon

Because you can never have enough baby pictures, right?

[FYI, I started this post in draft form on 9/20 and it's been sitting there unpublished since then. The content was updated and is current as of sometime in October, but many of the pics are from when Waylon was only 7 days old.  Oh well.  Such is life right now.  ]

I realized that a lot of my recent posts have been more about life with Waylon rather than about Waylon himself. The little dude. The pone-pone. A-weem-a-way.  Waylony-way.  Way-way.  Waylonia.  (We're throwing nicknames at him left and right and just waiting to see what sticks.)

And I'm sorry if the written part of this post totally bores you, but I figure Waylon deserves to have his babyhood documented, too, just like his sisters.  (Well, maybe to a lesser degree.  I'm pretty sure back in 2007 I posted about Georgia scooching down in her crib - no joke.)  

So, what can I tell you about him?  Life with a newborn, a two year old, and a four year old is hard, but he is an easy baby.  Dare I say, docile.  We kind of knew that, but it took taking him to Austin for the weekend and leaving the girls back home with their grandparents to have it really hit home.  Funny how traveling with a two month old would've terrified me when Georgia was a baby, but with Waylon it truly felt like vacation to temporarily have only one child to look after.  I think he liked it, too - finally getting all of his parents' attention, and not being bombarded all day by his sisters.  We definitely got in some quality baby bonding on that trip.

He's very "readable", in that he really only fusses if tired or hungry, and it's fairly simple to tell which is the problem just by knowing when he last ate.  Maybe 10% of his readability comes from the fact that this is our third time doing this baby thing, so we've gained some insight from experience.  We really can't take credit for about 90% of it, though - it's all Waylon.  He doesn't cry unless we can't get to him in time, say, when he's in the crib but I'm tied up helping June on or off the toilet, or when he's trapped in his carseat while I'm sitting in the preschool pick-up line .  (Oh man, that's when he really tests those lungs!)  His "I'm tired" signal is mild fussing, his "I'm hungry" signal rapidly escalates to an all out yell in a matter of minutes until you can silence him with a boob.  Oh, that.  Yeah, he's doing okay with the bottles, not all out refusing them like June did, but he's got a strong preference for the real deal as he sees it.

I didn't dare blog about any of this until I was sure that the colic window had closed, but I think it's safe to say we've escaped that now.  Which is such a good thing, because let's face it, I couldn't handle colic because I'm a total baby wimp.  I've got the easiest one on the planet to deal with, yet I still have a list of complaints.  What are they?  Oh, I thought you'd never ask.

For starters, he loves falling asleep in baby carriers, but he's in the "I will only sleep while on you" phase of life.  Which is sweet, don't get me wrong.  Even in my most tired moments I still find myself leaning down to kiss the top of his head, or rub our cheeks together, because his cheek is quite possibly the softest thing in the universe, and well, Georgia and June aren't so into that anymore, so I know these moments won't last.  But still... a mama's back starts to hurt.  I get greedy and crave peeing by myself.  I guess I don't know how to explain it, but I assume it's a universal sentiment to sometimes want to put your baby down, right?

Our only other complaint is that he still goes to bed way too late, sometimes requiring 2-3 hours of bouncing just to soothe him off to slumberland, thus leaving us with no evening to ourselves to speak of.  (No, his bedtime is not just mistimed.  Trust me, I've re-skimmed the Weissbluth.)  So, I hit the sack exhausted each night, worrying about my to-do list that seems to never get touched and feeling frustrated that this whole childcare gig is truly an around the clock job.  Rationally I know that Joe and I are just being impatient, though, because the girls were like this, too, requiring several weeks (or was it months?) worth of this bouncing and shushing stuff until they got past it.  I'm sure his natural bedtime will shift somewhere closer to 7:00 soon, but right now we're often not off duty until 10:30 or 11.  While that may not sound like any big thing to adults without children, (or adults with grown children who have long since forgotten the baby years), trust me when I say that performing the delicate dance of setting the baby down in slow motion and holding your breath while hoping that he doesn't awaken again the second his head makes contact with a mattress, can become maddening by the time you're on round four of it for the evening after a tiring day.  Is "enragening" a word?  Well, it should be.  I'd like to believe it wouldn't bother me if it weren't for the whole "I have two other children to watch after all day" aspect of things.  Poor guy; it's not really Waylon's fault.  He's just being a baby.   

Sidebar:  I have to ask, what do people mean when they talk about "rocking" the baby to sleep?  Sitting in a rocker in the nursery, rocking back and forth for hours?  That sounds pretty nice to me, because none of our three children have had any interest in falling asleep that way.  Sitting would be awesome, but Waylon insists on more constant motion, being walked all over the house, preferably next to the loudest white noise we've got, which happens to be the microwave exhaust fan.  So we take shifts bouncing him around the kitchen in the dark, pondering the depth of the meaning of the fact that the button is labeled "Exhaust."  And how does co-sleeping even work?  It's not that I'm opposed to the idea of it, it's just that there is nothing about me lying down next to my babies that has ever seemed to make them want to sleep.  Am I doing it all wrong?   

...Aaaaand we're back.

Then he falls asleep and often does not get up again until morning.  <-- See, with that one sentence, I know I just lost all of your sympathy.  I can tell you without a doubt, though, that I would gladly trade a quick nighttime feeding for his looooong bedtime routine.  

Well, enough of my griping, because the one thing that's for certain is that everything's going to change.  Just as soon as you think you've got a baby's so-called schedule figured out, they switch it up on you.  I am longing for the day that he takes naps at predictable times for predictable durations, but I'm also relishing the fact that right now, with no set schedule, he's 100% portable and flexible.  So, I feel no guilt strapping him into a carseat to go pick Georgia up from school, which is nice.  I know that won't last.

Waylon's growing and healthy, and we love this happy little dude to pieces.  Before we get on with the pictures, here are his stats and other details, which no one cares about with the possible exception of Future Kate, who may one day wonder about these things and want a record of them:

8 lbs., 15 oz.
21 inches

Four Day Doctor's Appointment:
8 lbs., 9.5 oz.

Two Week Doctor's Appointment:
9 lbs., 14 oz.
22.5 inches
15 1/2 inch head circumference

One-Month Doctor's Appointment:
11 lbs., 13 oz. (90-95%)
23 3/4 inches (>95%)
16 1/4 inch head circumference (95%)

Two-Month Doctor's Appointment:
13 lbs., 4 oz. (75-90%)
24 3/4 inches (>95%)
16 1/2 inch head circumference (90%)
  • His hair may be thinning on the sides, but so far he has not lost that full head of hair he was born with.  Also, it's curly when wet.  (The hair plus his size tends to make strangers guess that he's far older than his actual age.)
  • He's kind of bad at tummy time and nearly failed the test at his two month appointment.  Oops.  More workouts for him, I guess. 
  • His biggest project right now is finding his fingers.  Go, Waylon, go!  (Since he never took an interest in the pacifiers we offered, I'm all for him figuring out the self soothing.)
  • He's cooing and laughing now.  Isn't it so nice when a baby develops the ability to make happy sounds? 
  • He's puking up a storm and giving Baby June, former spit up champion of the world, a run for her money at this point.  Three kids and three spitters I've had now.  Ugh.  Not the biggest problem in the grand scheme of things, but man, it wears on you.  

(First 8 fancy photos are courtesy of Elaine Melko.)

















Little babies like black and white. But do they notice subliminal messages?
Subliminal Messages

This is what happens when you wake up and panic that your baby's babyhood is flying by without enough mother-son photos so you take matters into your own hands.




Do not try this at home. I'm sure it violates every safety rule, but Waylon has spent quite a bit of time parked right there on the counter, comfortably close to his favorite exhaust fan.
Do Not Try This At Home

See, it's rather curly when wet:
Curly When Wet

A rarity
Him falling asleep while eating and then staying asleep is a rarity, but I love the aerial view of this scene and how it captures my baby blanket, a breast pump, and the Weissbluth book on the nightstand. That's a fairly representative snapshot of my life right now.

Miracle Blanket = miracle worker


Waylon's 1st wedding
First Wedding! (With Kelly & Miles)
(With Kelly and Baby Miles)

Uncle Fred and Aunt Margaret
Thank you, Aunt Margaret & Uncle Fred, for babysitting while we were in Austin!

First Swim!
First "swim".

Apparently that tired him out.



Sarah said...

All I can say is you look and sound great. I figured he must be an easy baby because you look so good in every photo and yet you have three kids including a newborn. And those pictures with the girls are so sweet!

The evening hours you're describing are exactly the thing getting in the way of Mia having a sibling. EXHAUSTING. But temporary. And once again I cannot thank you enough for Weissbluth (still on my nightstand) and the Miracle Blanket). Mia was also a late night screamer and required constant movement. The only person she allowed to sit was my mother-in-law, who made up for it by being the perfect shape for a sleeping baby. Mia did end up cosleeping with us for the first 4 mos, mostly because I was trying to make her think I was still holding her and it occasionally worked after her initial "how could you even think about putting me down" panic. And the pillow helped and I didn't want to put a pillow in her crib. I still didn't sleep much because I constantly thought I was laying on top of her (and had nightmares about it), so I can't say I recommend it, it just seemed like the only way to catch any shut-eye at the time. Dom misses those days - cute little Mia bundled up and squeezed between us. Occasionally (especially when he comes home after her bedtime), he tries to convince me we can still wrap her up and set her between us, even as she approaches two years of age. Ha.

Just to make you feel better, there are some people that still haven't transitioned their 2 and 4 year old to their own bed. Imagine how much sleep they'd be getting right now!

Anyway, in a few weeks the little Waylonator (you can add that one to your list) will be ready for a sleep schedule and a normal bed, right? And then you'll miss holding him in your arms, but will know better than to interrupt his consolidating sleep :).

Best of luck to you! You still make it look easy!

Sara Struckman said...

I stumbled on your blog a few months back. Love it. My baby went through the same routine at night. Some nights we "danced" with her for hours to loud music. Reggae to be exact. I can't listen to that music now without getting hives. I thought those days would never end, but suddenly, she's 14 months old and now all we have to do is lay her down in her crib. And she's walking. And talking.

katandkarl said...

Is it weird that I want to steal your baby (I'd give him back before that whole hours of shushing and bouncing starts - I'm generous like that!), call him Way-Way and sing that 90s 'send me on my way' song to him? No? Not Weird? Good. I'll be there in 12-14 hours. I'm sure NK won't mind the car ride.

Also, not sure what kind of phone you have but our glorious iPhones have a white noise app that has all kinds of bizarre sounds - 'boat swaying in water' and 'tibetan singing bowl' (swear) but it ALSO has lots of nice heavy rains and oceans and fans and white noise. We hold it up to Nora's back while we bounce (we bounce upright).... though she does let us sit down which Nate NEVER did - he always KNEW when we weren't standing (HOW DO THEY KNOW!?). We also use it when we're out and about - I hold it next to her if she's in the sling or we stick it by her head in the car seat. Works well in the car b/c it is NOT her favorite place and she also has refused the paci thus far.

Excellent capture of the BABY DAYS.

Ann said...

Love this post. The photos are making me cry--so many little moments and tiny baby feet! You captured it all. And I totally get the easy baby thing...we are very happily enjoying our new girl and wondering aloud how we got so lucky. But the sleep stuff is still perplexing us too. Why is that? We are letting her sleep and nap in her swing. Is that wrong? If it is, I don't wanna know. She loves it. And I have minimal shushing/bouncing that way. I don't even have to put her down asleep, just drowsy and then I rig the paci in her mouth with a little burp rag action. It's probably going to backfire on me at some point (her sister STILL carries a burp rag for comfort!!), but it avoids the rocking which I totally hate too. Hope your days are numbered and the bedtime routine speeds up/moves up. We just got the memo that Carolina wants to go down earlier (usually between 8-9pm) now and it's going well so far. The first night or two was a bit weird, but then she started going longer between feeds too. So hope that's on the horizon for you too! Ahhhh...the more things change...

Beth said...

Let's get to the important question: What the hell did you stand on to get that aerial view of your bed??

Sarah said...

I was wondering that too. And no shadows!
For what it's worth, I used to spend the wee hours singing songs I'd always wanted to know the words to.
The Goat Song from the Sound of Music,
Subsequent verses of pretty much every Christmas Carol,
A few patriotic songs like the Neil Diamond Proud to be an American Song,
and Lady Gaga Bad Romance.

What can I say, this is what comes to me when I'm heavily sleep deprived and mumbling aloud...

Sweet dreams to the whole Marzo family!

Crystal said...

Love this post!
Swooning over little Waylon :)

And I know EXACTLY what you speak of when you describe the laying-the-baby-down-ever-so-gently-trying-to-do-Mission-Impossible-style-moves-to-extricate-yourself-from-the-room-without-exhaling MOVES. Ugh. And then when you hear the cry it's like "Great! I get to count to 4,700 again all while bouncing!"

Anyway, miss you guys!