Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

They may not always have pants, but they are professional baby shush-ers.


What follows is part of a semi-related conversation in which Georgia could not fathom why I might have any reason to be tired:

Me: "Call me when you're 35."
Georgia: "Mom! I'll be living with you when I'm 35. I can't call you, that's silly!"

Duly noted.


Danni said...

Hmmm. Better start the "Georgia's own apartment" trust fund now.

Emily said...

Isn't Joe pretty much OK with G living with you guys forever? Also, baby shushing = fantastic.

jessica said...

This video is adorable!

Beth said...

Better than recent conversation with Sam who asked me when I was going to die. I answered, "When I'm much, much older" And Alice clarified for him, "In about 60 years". Yikes! That seems awfully precise!