Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Traditions You Love to Skip?

Traditional Christmas thing I love to skip:  eggnog. 

Non-traditional thing we do every December:  watch Love Actually.

What are yours?

P.S.  It is SO dreary here on the winter solstice, it could send you into a deep depression rather quickly.  I'm hoping a hot glue gun and graham crackers will help to keep spirits bright.  It is in those moments that I stop to appreciate not billing time. 


Aunt Kathy said...

I love the clever ways my colleagues and an occasional parent find to sneak bottles of wine into school for my Christmas presents. No fear, I'm taking it home, not drinking out of a bag! Nothing says I know my kid can be a pain and I appreciate you like a bottle of wine for the teacher.

Danni said...

I had an eggnog cocktail hour last night and while I was the only one who loved my homemade eggnog, it was a great traditional thing for me.

jessica said...

Aww, we just finished watching Love Actually. A December tradition for us as well!