Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Il-in' like a Villian

I fear this post is in totally poor taste but am hoping that by simply acknowledging it, I am somehow absolved from offensiveness and that you will instead find this humorous.  Would it help if I explain?

Back when I posted this North Korean Party Rock Anthem video, I tagged the post "Kim Jong-il", and my sister noticed and made fun of me for it.  "Do you really expect to have multiple blog entries in the category of 'Kim Jong-il'?" she asked.

Um, well yes, now that you ask I do, because that was a personal challenge if I ever heard one!  Actually, before Beth even raised the question, Joe and I had noticed the unsettling resemblance between our adorable, innocent, newborn son and the totalitarian dictator - when Waylon's hair was combed back, that is. 
So, in light of current world events, and without a trace of condoning Kim Jong-il's shameful deprivation of freedom and food from or the suffering of the North Korean people, I give you this:



Anonymous said...

Long Live the Dear Leader! Tom T.

Ann said...

Oh, man. Best Waylon post to date. Way to rock it, Dear Leader!