Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dirty (Dishes) Dancing

I know the novelty of washing dishes will probably vanish faster than a shooting star, so I had to capture it on video while the girls still think it is BIG FUN.

You know what is BIG FUN to me? Watching little Junie shake her booty to Shakira.
You know what else is fun? The toils of parenthood finally paying off in the form of child labor. Bonus points: call this "water play" and then it's educational, too. Ha ha!



katandkarl said...

child labor = yes. Nate LOVES to clean toilets w/ the brush thingey. Disgusting. Hilarious.

Maggie said...

I cannot tell you how many hours Anna has spent completely drenching herself and the floor "washing" dishes. It is totally worth the clean up.

Danni said...

Cute. But do they really do a good job of washing the dishes? I didn't think so :p

Sarah said...

That is adorable. And how cute is Georgia's outfit?