Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February THREE

It is so not the third anymore. But here's what I got yesterday. Oh, and my apologies because I'm totally becoming one of those people who prefers my iPhone camera to my point and shoot and will therefore likely be posting weirdly filtered pics and passing them off as "artsy" until one day I wake up and realize that the reason most photos these days don't look like they were taken in the 70's is that a lot of photos actually taken in the 70's were probably more "poor quality" than "artsy" per se. Anyway, do you like the new ottoman? Got it on Overstock and had it recovered in houndstooth.


Anonymous said...

Love pictures of your family so I don't care if they come from iPhone, Kodak, or chisel-and-stone!

Where is Waylon's balloon??

Tom T.

katandkarl said...

Yes. Now get hooked on Instagram! All sorts of ridiculous filters. For free! Also Foto Frame is a great app for .99 to further regress your photography and make fun layouts. ;)

(My instragram @kat22stl - it's addicting!)