Friday, March 2, 2012

Today's Agenda: Grocery Shopping

This morning I whined that I didn't want to be solely responsible for menu planning, fetching all the food, and cooking the meals. (The more literal interpretation of bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan, if you will.)

So Georgia wrote me a list:
G's grocery list

Joe made one, too. And then I promptly forgot both lists at home when we went to the store. Wah. Perhaps today is not my day. June is a delight to hang out with, though. A hugging ball of joy.

It's nearly impossible to avoid bags from the grocery store even if you remember to bring your own, but today I witnessed something new:

Eggs with stupid plastic bag
Bagger, you have outdone yourself. Were people really having problems with their egg cartons flying open?

*Translation of Georgia's list in case you can't make it out:  Cheerios, Sunbutter, jelly, milk, bread, wrapper orange cheese, sweet potatoes.  "Wrapper orange cheese" = Mom, stop buying that "fancy" American cheese that looks white and doesn't come individually wrapped!


Danni said...

That is hilarious.

Susan said...

You have really funny grocery bagging stories! They have caused me to be more alert to bagging practices when I go shopping myself. Also, Georgia's writing continues to amaze me. She is spelling and writing all that herself?! Seriously impressed.

Kate said...

You know, I was not in the room, but I'm sure Joe helped her spell a lot of those words -- I really don't think she could come up with the "wr" for "wrapper" on her own! Or the correct spelling of bread, cheese, or orange. But some of the other words she probably did by herself - you can probably tell which ones. : ) I love her writing b/c it leaves out a lot of vowels and is very phonetic, so it's fun to figure it out.