Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 2012 - Conservatory

There is nothing quite like the humidity, warmth, and strong scent of soil in the Palm Room at the Garfield Park Conservatory on a snowy, windy day. It feels good for the soul.

Technical Note: Hey, you techie types, does anyone know why my pictures look every so slightly more grainy and less crisp when posted to this blog than they do on Flickr? (Click through to Flickr to see what I'm talking about. It's subtle but driving me crazy.) Someone suggested that it has something to do with the column width of the blog? Which may be true, but I don't know how to fix that. Also, this site is in need of a facelift since it hasn't changed in several years, but one time ages ago I monkeyed with the column width, so now I'm afraid if I pick a new blogger template that the whole blog will be screwed up or evaporate or something. Help! I'm tech clueless.


jessica said...

Not a tech expert by any means, but one way to change the columns is by choosing a new layout. My photos look horrible on my blog so let us know when you find the solution!

TomT said...

Love the pix of your three little angels!