Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in the Game

Ready for action. Ballet starts tomorrow.

Most people seem concerned that American kids these days are over-programmed with organized activities. Ours have thus far been decidedly under-programmed.  Between Georgia's reticence to participate in well, almost anything organized, and my proclivity in recent years to go having babies thereby throwing our whole life into chaos, Georgia and June haven't exactly been overwhelmed with extracurriculars.

But suddenly, Waylon's 8 months old, and all that is about to change. June starts tiny tot swimming tomorrow, and Georgia starts ballet. Then tee-ball on Friday. ???!!!  (Full disclosure: I just realized yesterday that June's park district swim class started two weeks ago. Oops. The chaos of our life is apparently still in full swing.)

Anyway, wish us luck! Cross your fingers that Georgia's enthusiasm for doing this ballet class translates into her actually doing this ballet class tomorrow.  Since last year's attempt at a free trial class ended in tears, here's a video proving we're not forcing her into this stuff.  Quite the contrary.

"Take a Bow" - original song and choreography by Georgia


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh that was HILARIOUS! Go Georgia!

Beth said...

So happy to hear she had a successful day!

Susan said...

I had to watch that twice - laughing out loud!! Maybe you actually have a singer-song writer on your hands :)

TomT said...

Georgia is brilliant in this video!!