Thursday, April 19, 2012

Call the Exterminator!

I child-proofed the house, but I think they're getting in through the baseboards! 



Ahhh, Junie.  So willing to go along with whatever anyone else thinks sounds fun.  What a wonderful spirit.   


Waylon has mastered backwards and is working on forwards.

Dental News: Joe's dad retired. Congrats, Grandpa Dave! Coincidentally, Waylon sprouted two teeth in the last two weeks.  Eek!  My baby's growing up.  


TomT said...

HAHA! Awesome pix - so darling. I have to say, June is looking so grown up.

Faith said...

Such cute pics! My second son did the same thing! I'd go to the bathroom and come out and not be able to find him until I'd hear his little cry from under the couch!