Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dirty Girl Mud Run & Obstacle Course

This event was born to be blogged and Facebooked, so I am just doing my part here.

We missed you, Beth & Sherie!

Modeling our team uniforms with Crystal.

Team Mother Muckers!
Go team Mother Muckers!  Our mantra?:  "Hot socks, full throttle! Do it for Sherie!"  (Her flight was cancelled.)

Our tagline on the back of the shirts
The backs.  Did we not have the best tagline? 

Rather dry terrain
This picture cracks me up because the drought-ridden terrain makes you wonder how everyone got so muddy.  Thanks to our great spectators, Charlie (holding the sign), Chris, Juliet, Mike, and Crosby, without whom I'd have no photographic proof of this event!

Go Caroline!
Go Caroline!  She stayed clean for so much longer than the rest of us but eventually succumbed.

Not sure what's going on here, but we look like we're having fun, don't we?

photo 3
Almost done.  Funny, I thought we were thoroughly muddy at this point. 

That was before the crowd that had gathered around the last obstacle started chanting, "SLIDE! SLIDE! SLIDE!", thus practically forcing those of us susceptible to such encouragement to dive head first, Slip-'n-Slide style, into a giant mud pit, followed by an army crawl underneath low-lying netting.  It was only momentarily scary when I could not see through the mud in my eyes after standing up.   

photo 4
At the finish line.

Back of shirt - after
If I ever complain about being busy again, you can point me to this picture and remind me that I am the girl that volunteers for things like making iron-on tank tops because I have messed up priorities!

I guess my half marathon training program will be on hold until my new shoes arrive from Zappos this week. 

I had to include this last picture: 
HOW DOES JEANNIE LOOK SO GOOD?  Sure, if you look more closely there's still mud coming out of her ears, but still.  We "showered" amidst a throng of people standing over freezing cold water shooting upwards (geyser-like) from PVC piping laid on the ground, and then we hurriedly changed clothes in a partitioned off area of the county fair grounds, aka, a barn.  Jeannie, you look like you could be out meeting a friend for lunch.  I've probably been to job interviews not looking as nice. 

Funny story:  my clothes were so incredibly muddy that I did not realize until after doing the laundry that I had somehow come home with four polka dotted knee socks that I accidentally swiped from the showering hosing off area.  I opened the washer, and it was like my stripey socks had reproduced!

Good times.  I wonder if there will be a team Mother Muckers next year?


TomT said...

Hot girls in skimpy outfits covered in mud... Are you trying to attract a different audience with for your blog?? :-) You go!

Kate said...

Very funny, Tom. They are not skimpy!

jessica said...

Way to go, Kate! I worked out today with help thanks to your encouragement! Seriously, can't get over how SKINNY you are!

Danni said...

Looks like a blast.

Mindy said...

Yes! Team Mother Muckers 2.0!

Ann said...

So, so, so impressed! I totally said to myself that I would start running after this last child was born and that hasn't happened. But there's time. And you are a total inspiration, Kate. So keep it up. Lookin' good too, by the way!! (Minus the mud, of course).

katandkarl said...

MUUUUUUUUUD. Yes. Love it. (And, well, you know how I feel about iron-on t-shirts so win win.)

Related, in our semi-parrellel lives, I signed up for a half marathon in December!

Kelly said...

So I tried to comment on this a couple of days ago while we were at the Lake, but we had no wireless connection so my comment wouldn't post. Grrr. Anyway, I LOVE that you did this, and it totally makes me want to do the one in Columbia. Must look into that. And I completely agree with Jessica - you are a SKINNY MINNIE (spelling???)!!!