Sunday, July 29, 2012

Laid Back

We hung a hammock in the boulevard.  Oh yes we did. 
Happy hammockers
Laid back
Waylon in hammock

We're really pushing the limits of this "who needs a yard?" thing, but it was really fun.
That's right. We hung a hammock in the boulevard.

Back-story on the hammock:  Once upon a time, Joe worked tirelessly in a place known as the "Dark Tower" for a law firm known as "Uncle Winston".  He was fresh out of law school and got staffed on an international six billion dollar line of credit deal.  The deal went on for months, sometimes keeping Joe at the office until midnight or later.  Finally, the deal closed.  This was celebrated with a closing dinner for the big shots in Geneva, Switzerland.  Um, Joe did not get invited to Switzerland.  -BUT!-  There was a party favor at the closing dinner.  Inexplicably, everyone there got a hammock.  And the partner in charge (aka, "The Night Train") brought one back for Joe.  For the next eight years the hammock remained untouched in our utility room, until one day it got to see the light of day on Logan Boulevard and gently rock three blissed-out children in the breeze.

I'm all about purging stuff with reckless abandon these days, but I'm glad we held on to this thing.


Anonymous said...

There is a theme emerging on this blog that focuses on sleeping childern. Very peaceful. - Tom T.

Kate said...

Ha! I wish the theme of our life right now were "sleeping children"! Alas, reality is a bit louder, messier, and more chaotic.

Danni said...

You forgot to mention that Joe had the most awesome advisor/associate mentor at "Uncle Winston" ever. Clearly more pertinent than hammock talk.

Kelly said...

I love that you all did this. A little place of relaxation in the middle of a busy city. Awesome!

Miles has the same romper thing that Waylon is wearing here. I think it's so cute! I do have to say it's not the easiest to get on/off, though, especially during a diaper change. Do you have the same trouble? Is it just me? Having all of the buttons on one side of the romper - perhaps not the best design.

Emily said...

That's awesome. Logan Blvd is now officially BYOH.