Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quiet Time

Without fail, just as soon as I think that naps have finally become a thing of the past for her, she falls asleep again.  This time with the light on and the door open so I could sneak in.

When monkeys fall asleep
{Don't rouse the monkeys!}

There is quite possibly nothing I love more than the sight of sleeping children.  Their faces soften.  When in deep sleep, the girls often sweat.  June's cheeks become rosy, and her hair curls into a mess of ringlets.  I wish I could catch them in this state more often, but whenever I do, I soak it in, trying to permanently sear the image into my memory.   

The girls have been playing "moving" lately (for no apparent reason - we're not going anywhere), so I guess Georgia must've tired herself out from the move.  Here, let's take a look at what she packed.  She made the bed, moved the stool, and laid out all her bags and belongings just so.

IMG_1018 IMG_1020
{Practical footwear did not make the trip.}

Most days she plays independently during quiet time, sometimes under the duress of boredom, but that's okay. Eventually she comes up with something to do, like creating this list she made on Monday.

Translation: 1. Book (read a book), 2. Pool (swim in kiddie pool), 3. Play in home, 4. Van time (play in parked minivan), 5. Wash van, 6. Play spies, 7. Play Mom (pretend to be me and generally boss her younger sister around), 8. Play trip, 9. Play rescuers, 10. Go Aunt (pretend that they are going to Aunt Beth's house, with me playing the role of Aunt Beth).

It's Thursday, and we're still ticking these off.  I think I need some more quiet time myself.   


Emily said...

That list is awesome. Especially van time. Who knew a minivan would provide such non-transportation-related benefits?!

TomT said...

Love this "sleeping beauty" post. FYI - practical shoes are overrated.