Monday, August 20, 2012

Logan Square

J & F, this post is for you.  Tee hee! 

(Grandparents, relax.  I promise it's totally not true.)
Image via: Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters

(All joking aside, I feel compelled to add:  Violence is no laughing matter, and although I generally feel safe in my neighborhood, I'm troubled by the number of shootings in this city.  Here's an interesting article drawing attention to the surprisingly little-known fact that Chicago currently has "the worst murder rate out of every so-called 'Alpha' city in the entire world, a grouping that includes even historically rough locales like Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and New York."  So sad.)     

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Frances said...

Love it. I went to the site and saw the other hood posters and laughed out loud at my computer. Streeterville killed me.