Monday, September 3, 2012

August THREE

I haven't forgotten what month it is.  I took this August THREE shot but then decided not to post it here until after mailing the thank-you cards for the kids' birthday party, since we used this photograph to make the thank-you cards.  I figured posting it would ruin the surprise for a few people, but I still haven't mailed those thank-you cards.  Tomorrow!  Promise!

I'm still in disbelief that they're all looking at the camera, June's holding her Cheshire smile correctly, Georgia's not lifting her skirt, and Waylon's not ripping his white rabbit ears off.  Good thing I have a fast camera.

bw wonderland

For the record, in case they grow up to complain about mom's ridiculous photo projects, I will have it be known that they were excited for this one. I specifically asked Georgia if it was fun or a pain, and she said it was fun. Lucky girl, because you know I would've made her do it either way! (What? What is the point of being a mom if you can't occasionally do this to your children?)


TomT said...

What an AMAZING photo of your darling children. They are so beautiful and perfect.

Ann said...

That is simply adorable.