Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After the Party it's the After Party

One of the best parts of hosting any party is relaxing when it's over.  The girls came into their own and really enjoyed having a private tea party for two using all their fancy wares while polishing off the last of the pink lemonade.
DSC_0172 DSC_0176

And now, let me share with you the bong I made for a children's birthday part.  Relax, I kid, I KID!  Apparently, though, once I get started with a party theme I do not know when to stop.  So after making a caterpillar out of balloons for the wall, it seemed perfectly logical to me, critical even, that it needed a hookah to make it obvious that it was not just any caterpillar, but the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar. (AS IF 98% OF THESE CHILDREN WOULD HAVE ANY CLUE WHAT THE DAMN CATERPILLAR WAS EITHER WAY!)  The next thing you know, I'm going at it with paper and brown crayons, only realizing by the time it was almost finished how ridiculous the hookah looked.  It did not grace the walls at the party, but fine, here, I guess you can see it where it currently resides. 

Are you surprised by this story?  I mean, consider the source.
Damn, I'm crafty!
"We're all mad here."

[This concludes the Alice in Wonderland obsession portion of this blog. We shall resume ordinary blathering on about ourselves as soon as we return.]

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TomT said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland theme of this blog.