Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby Shawshank

Waylon's been working on his escape plan.

Where do you think you're going, mister?

Is this the beginning of the boy stuff? Or is this just a Waylon thing? Because ripping out the vents is quickly becoming a favorite pastime, and I don't recall the girls ever doing that.


jessica said...


Leslie Stafford said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of raising a boy! The girls I know play nicely with our trains and sand table. Peyton is into crashing trains, pushing and watching them drop off chairs, tables, any place high, and burying them in the sand (after crashing them into the table). He loves the mechanics of sprinklers (something I probably didn't even care to wonder about until I was, maybe, 10?!). Boys, boys, boys!

Leslie Stafford said...

Oh, we also had to take down our super tricky baby gates because he started to hang on them trying to figure out how they worked.... Be careful!

katandkarl said...

I won't tell you about Nate climbing to the top of a piece of furniture (repeatedly) this morning and jumping (falling?) to the ground (over and over) screaming something about being a rescue hero needing to save everyone. All before 8! Nope, we shan't discuss it. :)

Maybe NK will do it too?