Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Photo Recap (Instagram stuff)

Fall happened.  Lucky for you, I've run out of time to talk about it.
(Apologies to the handful of you who are Instagram followers - it's a very exclusive group since I've changed my policies.)

World's Most Expensive Bib
"Free" bib with purchase of 14 years tuition.

Time for new PJ's?
Growing boy.  Poor third child.

A touristy day
G and Grandpa Dave June and Grandpa Dave and Alexander and the Terrible... Seems appropriate for Labor Day
We're so lucky to live where we do.

Post-nap natural born Bieber (sometimes it's frightening) Ready for the mean streets and back alleys of Logan Square
Tackling the mean streets in self-selected gear.

Must return here someday with a much smaller crew
Georgia insists on riding home from the library, because she's so eager to delve into new material.  We really should go more often.  I am terrible about late fees, and the librarians always look at me with such judgment in their eyes, and I just think, "But my lazy mistakes are helping to pay your salary!"

Sleepy morning June
She's so incredibly easy to hang out with. 

Sunrise alley
Sigh.  I used to run in the mornings.  And then I completed my half marathon and never ran again.

Fox and Owl Welcome to Chicago, part II Welcome to Chicago Sunday lake visit We'll call this soccer
I wish Georgia could feel as carefree on the inside as she looks on the outside.  Much of this visit to the lake was spent terrified that robbers would steal our bag, snacks and picnic blanket if we strayed too far.  (All because I put my wallet in my pocket and told her when she asked why that it was the smart thing to do.)

Self portrait Breakfast theater Angel in disguise The real devil of the day. Mmm. Yogurt. Sometimes fairies need a TV break
Right now I mostly miss Waylon's two naps a day schedule.  It provided some great Junie moments, even though fairies sometimes need a TV break, too. 

So many patterns
June at age 3 is more into picking out her own clothes than Georgia is at age 5, but our eldest does have her moments of fashion glory.  So many patterns, so little time.

She's piggy and she knows it
She's piggy and she knows it. 

Pumpkin of the day
New NUMB recruits. Go Cats! I like baby butts and I cannot lie
I like baby butts and I cannot lie.

Walrus basket So picturesque
Yeah, we made it to a real farm this year but still picked our pumpkins out from this urban nightmare.

Junie pumpkinhead He can't wait to get back to Austin My kind of town
Early and often - it's the Chicago way!

Friendly lady helped! Missing my 4 babies - but not a bad way to start the day IMG_1670
That's our shadow.   


Stephanie Precourt said...

Ah! I love the masks, and oh how I miss Chicago!!! Will make coming home so much sweeter. (And yes, I hope you'll try out for LTYM!!!)


Maggie said...

Beautiful! All of it.

Ann said...

What Maggie said! And by the way, I love your couch. Where's it from??

jessica said...

Ditto on the couch! Love these photos.

Anonymous said...

90 would be waaaay too soon, Gran