Thursday, January 31, 2013

Enter the "Cribed"

[This week's non-blogging excuse?  Lack of computer.  But now I have a brand new machine!  Lightening fast!  Expect tons of delicious bloggy goodness in February.]

Joe and I are not ones to rush our children out of their crib-sleeping ways.  Put differently, I love containment, and we've gotten lucky in that the girls were not escape artists.  But with June approaching three and a half, and needing to sleep in a big girl bed by the time we go on vacation (hopefully sometime later this year), I guess it was time to make the switch.  

At June's request, she took her first nap in a bed out at her grandparents' house on New Year's Eve.  She then started napping in Georgia's (queen) bed every day at home.  About a week later, we removed one of the sides from June's crib to turn it into a bed (close enough!), dubbed it the "cri-bed", and she hasn't looked back.

Well, that's not entirely true.  Just last night she got spooked from watching the first 30 minutes of Ratatouille in celebration of Joe's birthday and begged us to put the fourth side of her crib back on. : ( (We didn't.)   

By the way, our neighbors were the ones who put us on to the idea that even if your crib doesn't have a toddler bed conversion kit, it is still perfectly stable with only three sides.  But you didn't hear it here.  I mean, I'm not suggesting anyone else do this, so don't call me if your three-sided crib collapses on your poor child.

I ripped that crib side off like a band aid, because I didn't want to think about it too much.  Obvious signs that my babies are growing up are hard for my heart to take sometimes.  Great, I'm tearing up now, thanks.

Getting ready to nap in her big girl bed My baby, my big girl

As much as I love the containment factor of cribs, though, this new world in which Georgia and June watch their clocks until they see a "7" and then quietly tiptoe up to our room and climb into our bed for a few minutes before the breakfast begging begins is pretty awesome.

  Joe reading my copy of "The Very Little Girl" in June's cribed.

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