Friday, January 25, 2013

The Weekend that Keeps on Giving!

A urinary tract infection, an oven catastrophe, a car break-in, and a late night ER trip, all between sundown on Friday and Sunday night.  And I wonder why I can never get jack done around here?

To be fair, those were the low points, and yet somehow we still managed to squeeze in time with family and friends (hope we didn't infect you!) plus a date night including tapas and Zero Dark Thirty (thanks for the free babysitting, Mom!). 

I thought surely that was enough excitement, but by Monday evening Joe had come home from work sick.  Tuesday Georgia threw up at school and was sent home (only to continue barfing for several hours).  Thursday June got sent home early from school for, ahem, digestive distress. Oh, and Waylon's still using an inhaler every four hours.   

All I can say is thank God for grandparents who always find a way to help out when the going gets rough.

The worst part is, this container belonged to our neighbors.  Oops.  

I take it back - the worst parts were the clean up and the carcinogenic cloud that surely took years off our lives. 

Poor little guy was diagnosed with early stage pneumonia and bronchiolitis.  Ask Joe to tell you the story sometime of the man with a gunshot wound who walked into the hospital while he and Waylon were there.    
Thank God for grandparents

TGIF.  Happy weekend, everybody. 


Susan said...

Holy cow. That is quite a weekend! Sorry and hope this weekend is much calmer and healthier!!

Ann said...

Okay, just this ONCE I'll forgive you for not posting sooner. What a nightmare!

Sarah said...

Kate that is pretty much unbelievable. And that picture of Waylon is so sweet and so sad at the same time. I hope he's feeling better. I think your neighbor will forgive you.

jessica said...

:( Poor baby Waylon and poor all of you! I wish you'd tell me these things while we're texting about breakfast! How did you find time for date night! I'm impressed.