Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And then this was today...

4:20 p.m., ear infection #1. Kill me now.

7:00 p.m., ear infection #2. Are you kidding me, Wednesday?
Oh, sweet Junie, are you getting your ears checked, or posing for a Manet painting?

Edouard Manet "Olympia" 1863
(Edouard Manet, "Olympia", 1863)

Or was it the George Costanza you were going for instead? george-costanza

I'm not gonna lie. Seven pediatric appointments in eight days, some while driving through snow in rush hour traffic with a perilously (I cannot stress that "perilously" enough) low gas tank, are taking a toll on me. Plus, you know, the crying children.  (Here is where we should be pausing to feel sorry for them, and I do....but also me.)  Joe has suggested that we simply buy a siren to slap on the top of the van.  The stress of running an infirmary while trying to move has us feeling like an episode of M*A*S*H.

So, you get the idea.  In real life I'm super cranky, but let me be positive here and just say that the friendly doctor's office receptionist cheekily pointed out to me today, "You know, it would be cheaper to just buy them some stickers instead of coming to all these appointments."  Zing!

And - get this - the Walgreens pharmacist made us a standing offer to call in our prescriptions in the morning and have them delivered to our home for free!  "That's not something I can offer to just anybody, you know?"  Oh Lord, we must look like such a sorry crew.  I thought I was at least faking competence in public well, but maybe not.   


jessica said...

:( horrible.

Sarah said...

I cannot imagine.
Now how is that you can make a trip to the doctor's office look like a professional photo shoot? Love it!