Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Milestone of Sorts

Okay, so the fact that Georgia decided to cut June's hair is probably not that shocking.  Little kids do these things.

But my question is, was there prize money at stake in the Mother of the Year competition?  Because I did not even find out about the haircut incident until a full day later.  "You did WHATWait, you mean you're not kidding?  When?  Well, where did you put the hair?"  I guess I should've known it was too good to be true when I thought they were playing so well together while I was downstairs with Waylon. 

The cut obviously wasn't too bad if neither Joe nor I noticed it, but still, a visit to a professional stylist is now in order for June.

Just some short pieces in front.  Nice of her to do both sides.

Sister inflicted haircut

Perfect attire for a snow storm, though, Junie.

Perfect attire for a snow storm


Beth said...

Wait - where DID they put the hair??

Beth said...

p.s. When Alice did this she had a barrette and a tiara in place. She cut the hair "to see if it would hurt". However the hair didn't come out until Daddy Lach was giving her a bath that night...... and then big CHUNKS of hair were falling out of his child. He was super freaked-out to say the least.....