Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For One Moment in Time Our House Was CLEAN!

Anybody want a 3BR 3BA duplex down condo?  I'm posting these realtor pictures so that I can remember the one moment in time our house was clean. For those of you who have actually set foot in our condo, I thought you'd get a good laugh out of seeing these, knowing that it never looked like this.  For those of you who haven't been here, I figured it might be fun to see the whole place for once, instead of just catching glimpses of messy rooms in the background.

Next up: a follow up post on our move process.  And tips!  Actually, never mind, because I have just one tip, which I'll share with you now:  NEVER try to sell a home with three children living in it, one of whom is 19 months old.  (Waylon, no offense, dude, but it's true.  I'm cleaning like the Queen is stopping by, with the Tasmanian Devil by my side.)

The exterior.
Outside of our condo early March
I apologize for it being March.  This is not our city's finest moment.  But when you gotta sell, you gotta sell.  Also, the building does not look this tall in real life.

Our front room/kitchen, shown from several different angles.  We've arranged this room several different ways over the years, but never like this with the two chairs there.  Also, it is not bowling alley big.  That's just the magic of real estate photographers.  Do not believe what you see on the Internet.
Front room Front room and kitchen view Eating area/front room Kitchen Kitchen and front room

Moving on down the hall, it's Waylon's room, (which used to be June's before Waylon was born...which used to be Georgia's before June was born...which used to be an office before Georgia was born).
Nursery/upstairs bedroom/currently Waylon's room
It may not be winning any design awards, but I think this room's gender neutral scheme has held up well.  That chair was never my favorite look and won't be coming with us to the new house, but it earned its keep by being comfortable for nursing and reading.  It certainly deserves its retirement after so many late nights and so much spit up. 

The upstairs hallway bathroom, aka the kids' bathroom.
Upstairs hallway bathrom

The master bedroom.  There used to be a desk stuffed in here, too, but we've moved things out to make it look more spacious.  Wish they hadn't made our duvet look like such a blob! Oh well.
Master Bedroom
P.S. We did not pick out those valances. 

Master bathroom, aka the place where I have showered and bathed with company and done my business with an audience for the last five and a half years. 
Master bath

Downstairs family room/playroom.  I'm quite proud of this room, because keep in mind that it used to look like this. And then this
Our downstairs room Another view of the downstairs

The girls' room.  June's cribed is right inside the doorway so you can't see it here.
Downstairs bedroom (Georgia and June's)

Downstairs hallway bathroom.  Our bathrooms here are more plentiful and nicer than they will be at the next place. 
Downstairs bathroom

The back deck.  Again, it's March, so what can I say?  At least they overexposed the view so you can't make out much of the alley. 

Of course there are a few areas not pictured, like our laundry room and front dug out patio, but there you have it!  Much larger and lighter than I remember it being. ; )  


Ann said...

Wow. Considering my own current state of hoarder-style overstuffing mixed with toddler mayhem in every room, I'm deeply impressed. Hope these pics do the job and you guys get out of there soon. Can't imagine it's any fun to be showing it all the time. Good luck! Oh, and where did you get that blue couch? LOVE.

jessica said...

Great photos! Your place is so pretty. I used to want to contact people who posted real estate pictures of rooms with way too much clutter and giant furniture. Why don't they know better?

katandkarl said...

I am jealous of your bathrooms. Mine have 50s tile and I WANT IT ALL GONE!!

katandkarl said...

(Also, HOLY CLEAN.) Hope your sanity is in tact at the time of reading this!

Kelly said...

The place looks FANTASTIC! I have no clue how you're keeping a tidy place with 3 kiddos. I clean one room here and move on to the next one. While I clean the second one, my kids are usually busy undoing my hard work in the first room. Major kuddos to you!!!