Friday, March 22, 2013


Waylon said "Junebug" today.
I died. 
The end.  


jessica said...

sweet. I like this kind of news.

Ann said...

Wow. That's some word! The first ones are always the best.

Kate said...

Oh, it wasn't his first word - I just thought it was adorable that he has started using one of her nicknames. I guess we must call her that a lot for him to have picked up on it! He just started saying "June" and sometimes "Georgia" a few weeks ago, which was great. It sounds like "doooooo" and "jaja". : )

Ann said...

Oh, I didn't mean first word ever...just the first time you hear them say something like that. Carolina is all about naming things and I love the way she says stuff so clearly sometimes and then the next time I say it to her, she garbles it all up. You just never know at this age.