Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weirdest Farmer's Market Trip Ever

We decided to hit up the Logan Square Winter Farmer's Market since today was the last day of the indoor market before things reopen outdoors in late May.  Ostensibly we were going for foodstuffs, but the next thing you know, we'd wandered into some kind of craft fair and found ourselves on the floor of the Congress Theater sewing (hideous) wreaths with coat hangers and making buttons out of scraps of fabric.  If I had known there would be a free photo booth and a family portrait, perhaps I would've showered and dressed nicer than my current typical look, which Joe affectionately calls "Lady Hobo".
Sewing a wreath with a coat hanger. Of course he is. Unexpectedly crafting

Okay, this is my favorite. Moments before this photo was taken, Joe told Georgia to channel "American Gothic". I don't think she caught the reference, but she nailed it. american gothic farmer's market photobooth


Susan said...

I love those photo booth pictures! And, I think we need to see a picture of the finished wreath product! Go Joe!

Sarah said...