Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stuff June Says

I'm doing a terrible job of recording all of the hilariously wonderful things June says, and has been saying for about two years now.  Like when she announced about her grandfather who retired from dentistry last year, "Gampa Gave can't check our teeth anymore because he be tired."

She asks lots of questions on a wide-ranging list of subjects, several of them scientific things that I struggle to answer.  Today I was hit with, "If the ocean is just water why does it have waves?"  Um, gravity, moon....(are you buying this, June)?  June also asked why people do not ride in the cars that are being carried by car transporters on the highway, and after trying to answer this to her satisfaction about seven different ways, I finally gave up and basically agreed that it was horribly inefficient not to, as if they should start selling cross-country tickets to ride as a "hop-on" on a car transporter.

One of my favorite June-isms of her three-year-old year is her use of the phrase "talking of" instead of "speaking of".  She loves to try it out, but it's almost always followed by a total non sequitur.  For instance, we'll be sitting around the dinner table and suddenly it's, "Talking of butterflies, I have to poop!"  Or, "Talking of broccoli, Ms. Winda was not at school today.

Today she served up another classic.  Let's just say, I was duly impressed with the contractor in our new house who did not flinch, giggle, or even bat an eye when I told June in front of him to trade ride-on toys with her younger brother, and she came up with the ingenious excuse of, "Well, I can't ride the red bike because it hurts my vagina."  I mean, how are you going to argue with that?  Clearly, the guy is a dad. 

That's just a handful.  I'm sure all of our relatives could regale me with hundreds more that I've forgotten or weren't present for.  I love this age.  And by "this age", I basically mean June from age two until now.  I'd be happy to freeze her in time forever.  (I feel like that little girl from Tiny Toons who always says, "I will hug him and squeeze him and love him forever!")  June's just so darn happy and soft all over!

Alright, gotta run!  I have so many blog posts swirling in my head, and so little time to actually create them.  Everything from the stuff I'm always complaining about having neglected (birthdays, Christmas, vacation) to the current stuff clouding my thinking (the things I'll miss about the city, the things I'm looking forward to in our new house, and how I wish I could write it all down so that I can look back and laugh at myself later).  I'm really looking forward to the move being over and life starting to feel normal once again.  When do we think that will happen?  July?  September?  The movers come on June 8th.       


Leslie Stafford said...

Okay, you need to write a book titled "Juneisms" - it'll be a hit!!! Please have Jose send me your new addy once you've settled in please! Thank you for brightening my day with these. She's hilarious!!!

Sarah said...

I love these!

TomT said...

This long-time blog follower and very experienced blog commenter is speechless.

Except for one thing... "I LOVE JUNE!"

And Georgia.

and little Way-Way.

I hope you are still blogging about them when they are 30.