Thursday, July 25, 2013

From the Archives

One cool thing about moving is that in all the packing and unpacking, you inevitably find some really random artifacts and treasures that you'd long since forgotten.  Or, you know, things like your sister in law's high school diploma that you have no idea how it ended up in your home in the first place.  Anyway...

Fun fact:  Joe and I were locker partners in law school.

This week I came across an old note.  It relates to an unfortunate incident of public humiliation in my 1L Contracts class, in which I turned to ask the person next to me what the prof had just said, but the professor noticed it, misunderstood, and made this whole big deal about us talking in class.  It was awful.

Joe wasn't there but heard about it and left me this napkin in our locker.
A note from my locker partner
{The note that keeps on giving, twelve years later.  Sitkoff would be the professor in question.  I bear no ill-will towards him now.}

That Joe.  What can I say?  He's the best.  

Now go write a handwritten note to someone you love.  Sometimes there is no substitute.  


jessica said...

So sweet and so true.

Sarah said...

So sweet!

Emily said...

Didn't that happen in Estates and Trusts? Or maybe in E&T you really were talking in class. Also, while we're laughing about you being locker partners, can we laugh about the fact that for the first month you pretended you didn't know each other.

Kate said...

No, it was definitely contracts, trust me, the memory including my seat location and Anita being involved is vivid. And we were not pretending not to know each other! We were just making new friends in our respective sections who happened not to know the other person and therefore didn't realize until well into the semester that we were dating. Let's talk about your imaginary Australian cowboy boyfriend who later strode into town in his bike shorts. : )

Emily said...

Uh-huh, right. And it was totally natural for you NOT to eat lunch together or otherwise acknowledge the other person's presence for the first month. Bike shorts? I have no idea what you're talking about. But while we're at it, maybe we should also talk about Joe's kosher diet.