Monday, July 22, 2013

There Was a Little Girl

My next post was intended to be close-ups of June's forehead and hairline.  You see, I snapped some photos of her beautiful curls the other day, because I can't get enough of the way they react to the summer humidity.  
There was a little girl,

And she had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead. 
What I did not have in mind was coming home from my glorious babysitter day only to discover that June's lovely temple had collided with the corner of our dining room table so badly that even after six hours under a bandage it still re-opened and started gushing blood when I took a peek.  Yikes.  I grabbed the kids and our shoes and headed to an immediate care clinic where they gave her two stitches while Georgia proudly helped, and Waylon pulled my hair, pooped in his diaper (I didn't bring any extras of course), and generally attempted to wreak havoc in the exam room.  June was a little champion of a patient and enjoyed receiving heaps of praise for it from the nurse and doctor.  It's unfortunate to have to get attention for such a painful incident, but June was glowing afterwards, and I could tell how happy she was about the whole thing.  Knock on wood, she's been our healthiest kid of the bunch, so I think she was excited to feel like the special one getting all the medical attention for once.  Since Joe ended up having to work late, our original dinner plan was downgraded from homemade eggplant parmesan to boxed mac n' cheese, and then further downgraded to the McDonald's drive-thru after we left the clinic.  Funny how those things have a way of happening, but you gotta roll with the punches, right?  I promise not to document every bump and bruise on ye olde blog here, but "first stitches" seemed like a noteworthy parental right of passage to me.

Um, I think the babysitter underreported this injury.
{I didn't mean to freak everyone out when this photo appeared in my Instagram feed looking more like a gunshot wound. Really, she was perfectly fine and happy at this moment, as evidenced by her dancing in the waiting room, below. But here's a pro tip: enter with an open head wound, and you'll get faster service every time.} : )

See, dancing in the waiting room. Everyone's okay. Untitled Untitled
{I'm sure Waylon was yelling for me to put him down at this moment.}   

June is 100% fine, and the stitches will come out later this week.  I don't want to leave you with those images, though, so let's get back to that originally intended post.
There was a little girl,

And she had a little curl,

Right in the middle on the side of her forehead. 


Emily said...

I've found that active vomiting is also good for getting rushed right in. Glad that June (and you) survived!

Ann said...

Okay, I kinda love the head wound shot. She seems so carefree for someone streaked with blood! Glad things turned out okay and hope she stays the healthy one. And as for Waylon, what is with these younger kids? Carolina has turned into a screaming, clothes pulling, pinching machine so I'm fighting the good fight with you.

Kate said...

Oh, Emily, we've tried that, too! Worked like a charm. ; )

Sarah said...

The first picture is priceless, and I love the one of them dancing in the hallway. It almost looks like they're playing doctor, yet it's real. So glad she's okay!

jessica said...

Poor June :( You know what would be awesome? You accepting my instagram request.

TomT said...

Shocking photo - looks like movie makeup! So glad our little Junebug is all better!!! Sort of a childhood right of passage.