Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am Determined to Catch Up on SOMETHING in My Life.

(This picture is from August 2, 2012. Just heading out to the grocery store. Anyway, it's fitting because you're about to see a lot more from a year ago.) IMG_1025

STOP! STOP, TIME, STOP! Everybody's August birthdays are about to happen and I AM NOT READY because I have not blogged LAST YEAR'S August birthdays, and I know that that is an insignificant detail to everyone in the universe except for me, but it matters to me. In fact it's really been hanging over my head and has been for 11+ months, so I'm determined to try to fix it. And no, this is not just me projecting or misplacing my feelings about the kids getting older faster than I'm emotionally prepared to handle, because that is a TOTALLY SEPARATE ISSUE that yes, is also happening. But this isn't about that.

Anyway, I'm gonna jump off the caps lock key now and go dig up some old photos and meet you back here tomorrow!

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Maggie and Mike said...

Are they stitch fix customers?