Monday, August 5, 2013

June's 3rd Birthday (2012)

Well, June, I apologize for not getting to this post sooner, because I'm sure if I had I would have more specific details to record about all the things you did and said between age 2 and 3.  As two year olds go, you really were a delightful one.  You were always eager to give an aggressive, forceful, full body hug to any adult willing to give you the time of day.  You sure knew how to win people over.  Perhaps the addition of your little brother just 11 days before your second birthday had something to do with how crazy independent you became at such a young age.  Of course, I'm writing this less than two weeks away from your fourth birthday, but your independence is something friends and teachers have been commenting on for years now.  Everything from dressing, to potty training, to I don't know, just figuring things out for yourself whenever you can.  As is tradition in our house, I gave you a choice of what you wanted your 3rd birthday cake to have on it.  You came up with, "a rainbow cake with vanilla frosting, with Hello Kitty on the top and Big Bear on the side".  (Big Bear being the largest stuffed animal that, amongst others, you sleep with every night.)  My first attempt at the cake was a total bust and came out looking more like a stack of flat, yet colorful, pancakes.  But we forged on, and the second try was a charm.  A very, very, very TALL success of a cake.  I guess we must've done something right, because so far you've been asking for the same cake for your 4th birthday ever since your 3rd birthday ended.  (There's still time to change your mind!)  You may notice that we forgot to dial the fire starter thingie back from "blow torch" level, hence your look of abject terror in some of these pictures.  Oops, sorry sweetie.  You and Georgia took the liberty of wrapping up some existing items that we already owned and giving them to each other as presents for your birthdays, and I love how excited and surprised you looked to receive these things.  There is no greater joy than the joy you spread to all of us, June.

Here you are a few days prior to your birthday, heading off to Summer Madness, a little in-home "camp" at your preschool teacher's house, where you were the youngest one there but held your own with no problem. (Without your sister, I might add. We all reach these milestones at our own pace.) ; ) Ms. Linda was nice enough to let you celebrate with your class, since you may never get the chance to do so at school.

Cake failure.

Okay, I don't mean to brag, but um, yeah, actually I do, because I don't think I can ever top this or probably even repeat it.

Yea, stuff you already have!

Magna-tiles because you are our little builder.

The pink car you asked for.

IMG_2190 IMG_2191 IMG_2194
Inheriting the responsibility for Nana's ceramic childhood tea set.

Your love affair with "Dolly" continues to this day.  Her hair has never looked so good.

A signature Junebug hug for Aunt Sara.

(The family get together for all three kids' birthdays was on June's big day in 2012.)

IMG_2241 DSC_0070 DSC_0071 DSC_0073 DSC_0074 DSC_0077 Untitled IMG_2235
Ahh, communal living. Taking over our neighbor's porch. IMG_2237

And then...the kids worked off their six layers of cake by trying out their new finger painting set. IMG_2248 IMG_2252 IMG_2250 IMG_2255 IMG_2256
Non-toxic I hope?

IMG_2258 IMG_2259 IMG_2265 IMG_2269 IMG_2272
Well, whadda ya know? I WAS THERE!!!

Keep your hands where I can see them!

I guess it was a good celebration if it ended in the tub.

(So, I know no one has time for videos, but just in case, here's one of the candles fiasco, plus one for the ages wherein June tells me that she wants to be a biting spider when she grows up.)

June blowing out the candles on her 3rd birthday from Kate on Vimeo.

June's 3rd birthday interview part II from Kate on Vimeo.


Susan said...

She is so cute! And I'm still amazed at that cake for so many reasons. Did you use special food coloring for the colors - they're so perfect!

Maggie and Mike said...

Oh June! You crack us up.

Kelly said...

Seriously adorable :) I just want to reach through the computer screen and give her a big squeeze!

And I second Susan's comment on that cake - AMAZING! And, totally off the topic, but I really like the shirt you're wearing in the pictures!

TomT said...

Happy 3rd birthday, Little Junebug!!