Friday, October 18, 2013

Reason No. 4,822 That Moving Sucks

It's the little stuff.  Like trying to get going with a new pediatrician's office. 

We are now on a wait list which will allow us to make an appointment starting on March 1st. 

In the meantime, if anyone gets sick I'm supposed to call and basically beg to be seen, with no guarantee of that.  Or go back to our old pediatrician's office in the city.  Which is funny, because I'm already fighting the urge to just stick with that practice in the first place because I like our old doctor a lot.  If the kids would just stay well, it would work great!  We had the good fortune of a healthy summer, so suddenly I start talking myself into the feasibility of that idea.

But then I remember: winter is coming.  Remember those seven doctor's appointments in eight days last year, Kate?   

And while we're on the topic of griping about medical professionals, why did Grandpa Dave have to go and retire?  : )  That was in 2012.  I had better find us all a new dentist before everyone's teeth rot out of their mouths.

P.S.  What happened to Waylon Week?  I'm laughing at myself, because clearly my announcement of Waylon Week did not spur me to write or post any faster.  So it looks like at my current pace, Waylon Week will continue, off and on, for another 21 days or so.  


katandkarl said...


Okay, that's about as much writing as I am getting in lately.


Beth said...

I vote for "move back!" Then you have a pediatrician, a church, you can start with the dentist on Western that everyone sees..... why complicate matters with a pool and a huge yard??