Monday, December 16, 2013

Just Call Us the Bluths

This is our kids' idea of the model home we should live in: 

{Yeah, I know, Georgia has crazy eyes here, but that's just the sugar talking.}

Did I tell you about the time we did a family photo shoot with a professional photographer (before Waylon was born), and then earlier this year the photographer approached us for consent to allow a card company, Minted, to use one of the photographs of us as the example you see in the photo cards on their website?  Ha ha ha!  Wouldn't that have been hilarious?  So I said yes, but it didn't end up happening.  Oh well. 

Then, when we went to sell our condo last Spring/Summer, there was all this hullabaloo involving the condo association giving consent to a production company so that our potential buyers could appear on an episode of House Hunters, blah, blah, blah.  We just wanted to make everyone happy so that we could sell the place, but we never knew if the taping would really occur or if the episode would ever air.

And now this is happening: 
HGTV House Hunters Premiere
January 15, 2014
9 p.m. CST

Part of me is a little hesitant to advertise this, only because I have no idea what they're going to say about our old place, a place that I still hold dear in my heart despite its imperfections.  However, I'm working on developing a thick skin for whatever trash talk they throw at our paint colors or the building's flaws, because whatever they think of the place shouldn't really affect what I think of it, right?  Plus, how bad can it be, since after all, they bought it!  Hopefully the episode will end up being a nice memento for us, or an entertaining one at the least.

I thought long-time readers of this blog might be interested to tune in.  (By the way, if it's not obvious, our unit was a 3 bed/3 bath, 1st floor "duplex down" condo in a six-unit building in Logan Square, but I've shared so many pictures here that I can't imagine you wouldn't recognize it.)  So, stalkers, friends, and family, set your DVRs, and in the meantime, Joe and I will be hunting for a place to watch, since we don't currently have cable. 


Ann Price said...

LOVE that photo. Each kid is giving a completely perfect energy....but Waylon steals it for me. And I'm super psyched to see your House Hunters episode. I'll be tuning in for sure! Happy holidays!

Maggie said...

Come here and watch!! Mike has been taping every Chicago episode and still hasn't seen it pop up. So now we know when its going to air...

Kelly said...

Whooo, hooo! Can't wait to see it. My dad will be so excited, too :)

Love, love, love the picture, Kate. The kids are so stinkin' cute.

Sarah said...

Adorable! And I wish we could see it too. Maybe I'll find it on youtube someday. Or I'll tell my friend Johanna who's an HGTV addict and she'll give me the play by play. How funny. That's big city livin' for sure!

jessica said...

Yay! Can't wait to watch it! I loved your place.

Anonymous said...

Tom T: We will be watching! This is one of Wayne's favorite shows.

Emily said...

My mom loves that show - I'd ask her to tape it for me but that I think that technology is now obsolete or something. Very fun!

Stephanie said...

Just watched it. I hope you aren't friends with the buyers because they were total DUDS. I must say it was soooo weird to see your place (and my office for 4 years) on the telly! It looked great though...but I caught myself jabbing Joe in the ribs every 10 seconds because I was like "I've BEEN there!...That's where Baby G used to strut her stuff...that's where we had a dance party...that's where Harry kissed GiGi...that's where Junie looked through the Cat Fancy magazines and many memories! I miss it! I LOVE that the giraffe remained throughout it all. Miss you guys! xoxo