Friday, December 27, 2013

The Day *After* Christmas

I guess we all needed to decompress and come down from the excitement.  (Not that building "nests" and "cozy cottages" on any given day doesn't rank high up there amongst Georgia, June, and Waylon's favorite pastimes.)

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Not pictured:  me, in my pajamas all day long.  Ahhhhh.
Poor Joe.  He was back at the office working hard on a year-end deal.

*Promotional consideration for this post was not provided by the makers of Pillow Pets.  But it probably should have been.  : ) 


Danni said...

Wow were they really that sleepy and calm? Impressive!

TomT said...

Can you adopt me, please?!

Maggie said...

Oh, this is totally how we were also. We stayed in pajamas for like 48 hours straight. And, yes, Mike was right back at it also. Bummer.

But I ate a lot of leftover chocolate pie, which has a way of turning any day into a happy one ;-)

jessica said...

I'm with Tom T. Adopt me.

Katy said...

oh how gorgeous!

'decompress' - the perfect wordchoice.

Kate said...

Tom and Jessica - you're in!