Monday, March 10, 2014

Guess who got her very own brand spankin' new drawing of a bird today?

Shoot for the stars and settle for one out of three "yes's".  Brilliant negotiation tactic, honey.
Requests from Georgia 3.7.14

The above list of requests from Georgia is a direct result of the fact that her kindergarten classroom is part of a three week "learning lab" in which every child has been issued an iPad mini to use at school.  It took her only 5 days to reach this point, which cracks me up.  (Funnier still considering that the most exciting thing she does with my phone is set a timer or check the weather.  I've never been keen on the kids thinking of it as a toy.)  
One way to get everybody to sit still for a group picture is to watch dog sledding videos on Aunt Sara's phone. : )
{Watching dog sledding videos from Aunt Sara's recent trip.  Well, that's one way to get everyone to sit still for a cute photo!}

So what are they using the iPad minis for in school?  Well, according to her teacher, I need to check her Twitter account to find out.  What?!  Well, apparently I am 100 years old now, and you all need to GET OFF MY LAWN!!!    

Just kidding.  I'm off to go figure out Twitter.  **Sigh**

The 90's called...
{Hey, Mom, the early 90's called -- they miss you, and they want this phone back.}


jessica said...

Laughed out loud on this one especially considering our text exchange yesterday :)

TomT said...

HAHAHAHA!! Good news, Kate - Twitter is easy. Kind of like "Facebook-lite" with hashtags.

Maggie said...

Oh, yes, this is definitely YEAR 2000 stuff...