Monday, March 17, 2014

Recovered: Club Meeting Agenda

Meeting #2
Date:  February 22, 2014
Meeting Location:  The basement of Nana's house in Missouri
Members Present:  Georgia, June, and Evelyn
Intermittent Intruders/Honorary Members Present:  Waylon and Miles
Meeting Secretary:  Georgia
Agenda:  See below


Who wouldn't want to be in this club?  Please send all applications explaining why you are worthy, along with your $150 nonrefundable application fee, directly to me.  Next meeting date and location T.B.D.  


jessica said...

I love to do fun stuff!

Kelly said...

This still makes me laugh - I love it! Doesn't get any cuter :)

Maggie said...

Think of a name? Think of a name??? This place is a pressure cooker!

Danni said...

Did they come up with a name?