Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Pictures 2014

My annual smattering of blurry photos of faceless children bent over looking for eggs.  : )

Plus the many surprised and amazed expressions of Waylon, for whom this was in some ways a first (I don't think he really recalled any of this action from prior years - he probably slept through all or part of it or wasn't allowed candy or something).

Untitled Untitled Untitled
(Pardon the mess. We haven't been in this room in about six months.)
New underwear must be tried on immediately. And accesorized with a cape. And slept in. And worn outside. And not taken off for 3 days straight.

(We thought we might have a bunny and a fairy visiting us on the same night, but alas, that tooth hung on by a thread!)

[We interrupt these candid photographs for some forced poses.  I mean, c'mon.  Our family only cleans up a few times a year.]   

DSC_1161 DSC_1162
(That would be the girls trying to rip Waylon's fingers out of his mouth and off his ear.)

DSC_1170 DSC_1173 DSC_1174 DSC_1175
(Only his mama ever notices the scars from the 376 times he has split his lip open; until he makes faces like this.)

(I just had to include this one because it makes me laugh. These are their "cheese" faces.)

DSC_1180 DSC_1181
The ever-changing, always beautiful landscape of her face.

[Aaaand...we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.]

(Savor that little church donut, June. Savor it sloooowly.) : )
(Make that donut last, June.) : )
(A family photo! Our church meets in a theater in Wicker Park. It's kind of unconventional, but then again, so are the nature of the sermons.)

(She hasn't completely lost her city kid skills.) : )

Home, Jeeves, for a scavenger hunt!
 Which way you like better?
Our warm weather was short-lived, but Sunday was outstanding. The warmest Easter I've ever experienced in Chicagoland. And we took full advantage of it, especially after Aunt Sara showed up with KITES! (Pardon my inability to narrow these down. Life got intensely picturesque for like 10 minutes of bliss.)

Watch out, Uncle Vake!
 Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

And then there was dinner and a little dessert with help from my most eager sous chef. DSC_1183


Sarah said...

I love the picture of the kids with the bubbles!
I remember Waylon's Easter last year...
Glad to see the weather cooperated. Kites sound like a great Spring activity!

TomT said...

Holy Mega-Easter Blog Post, Batman! LOVED it! Great cadid shots of the whole fam.

Ann Price said...

Love the Easter vibe...and the "staged" pics are by far the best ones of the kids together I've seen. I melt. What a great shot of the girls together (the first one, close up). And Waylon's little dimples. That kid is a heartbreaker waiting to happen. Great post and kudos for its timeliness! Woo hoo!

Maggie said...

Such beautiful photos... I can never get good posed shots. It always ends in someone having a tantrum.

Kate said...

Oh, right. The tantrums. I am usually the one having a small tantrum in the middle of all this.

Kate said...

I *may* have thrown a scooter into our neighbor's yard to facilitate the "cooperation" of my children. I think I blocked that part out of my memory while writing this post. : )