Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day

What's funny about this card is that I could've written the same thing to her. We're just asking each other for very different things.

And to all my mama friends out there, please remember that even on your worst days, this is what your child thinks of you. Even if she can't write it or say it yet, it's in there. Untitled
(Thanks, Georgia, this means the world to me. I really am trying so hard not to blow it.)

June's class hosted a pre-Mother's Day event at her preschool. Had I known my picture would be immortalized forever in the world's most special handcrafted frame, I might've submitted something other than a low-res, haphazard selfie.
But I mentioned the frame, right? Our portrait has been bedazzled and I shall treasure it forever. She'll be all grown up and changing the world, and I'll still be happily looking at this thing on my dresser. That's just how motherhood works I guess.

Here we are on actual Mother's Day, outside a restaurant in Sanibel, Florida. Plans to have Joe take a "nice" photo of me with the kids fell through after Georgia had a minor allergic reaction and we felt the need to flee the premises, but this version does seem more accurate. Untitled

I am so lucky.

There are times in my days when I need reminding of that.  Which is so dumb, because I know it with all my heart.

I am so lucky.  


Anonymous said...

Tom T.:

OK you have done this in a LONG TIME, but I am now tearing up RIGHT IN THE OFFICE!!! Thanks a LOT! I have to go to a meeting in 10 minutes and my eyes will be red.

By the way, Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Tom T.: meant to say "not done this in a LONG TIME".

Sarah said...


Maggie said...

Yes, you are lucky. Cuz you're the best EVRE.