Sunday, June 22, 2014

All packed for my 20th high school reunion

We're driving to Missouri for my reunion, so I asked the girls to pack some car entertainment for themselves and their brother for the 6-7 hour ride. 

Here's what June chose:
2 bracelets
1 purple hair scrunchy
1 three-page baby bathtub book 
1 button
2 seashells 
1 Chapstick
1 miniature pad of paper
All packed into a small personalized bag. 

Okay, so, I guess we're all set then. 


Maggie said...

I always think it's funny when the kids pick the most random things to put in their travel bags. Oh look, a rock and one plastic ring and a diaper to a doll I'm not even bringing along... Meanwhile the one thing they need to bring (like a special doll they sleep with or a favorite book), that doesn't even get packed and you still end up running around trying to find it!

But I felt like I had a minor victory this weekend because I told them to pack one change of clothes and one pair of pjs and ONE toy. That's it. And they actually did!!

jessica said...

Love it :)