Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

My loves.

Happy Father's Day!
(If only the kids would ever let you chillax like that for more than 5 seconds, huh Joe?) Untitled Untitled No, really, this is how the kids are with Joe MOST of the time. (The photo below was not staged in any way.)  It must be hard to find peace when you are so beloved.

Great day filled with sleeping in, toaster waffles, homemade cards, running into our former babysitter at the Logan Square farmer's market, World Cup/U.S. Open/My Little Pony action/napping (there's a fine line between the two), a pop-in visit from "Aunt Bess", and a rhubarb crisp. The great thing about breakfast in bed is that you are expected to transition immediately from sleeping to eating. (We will forgive your bedhead.) The great thing about having your children cook for you is that they make their favorite breakfast instead of yours. And then they try to steal it. Untitled Untitled
No fair! They'd never pose this perfectly with me.

   Untitled Untitled

We love you, Joe!

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Maggie said...

I love these little fill int he blank forms. I wish I had done one with my kids. What fun! And I love that Joe's height is measured in garden arches.