Monday, June 9, 2008


That's Boone County, Missouri for those of you who are unfamiliar. We went for a visit for Memorial Day weekend and to celebrate Gigi's 94th.

I swear, you don't look a day over 90.

Patty cake with Gigi.

Nana says this high chair was state of the art when my mommy used to sit in it in the seventies.
(Note: even with a bum foot, she was waiting on us more than she should've.)

The papers and ribbons are the best part of birthdays.

What's that Olympic event with the ribbons?

Ahh, those glasses will be mine, Pop Pop.

I wait for the right moment, and - strike!

Exhibit A from the Mehrles's yard: Why Spring in Missouri beats Chicago's Spring any day.

Yeah, they know how to do it right. Thanks for having us!

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Danni said...

LOVE the pictures. Georgia is so cute it makes me want to squeal and make silly noises.