Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meet Finn!

We cat-sat for Sara's cat, Boo, while she was out of town recently. I'd love to show you pictures of how much Georgia loved the kitty and was shocked and fascinated every time he appeared, except that it's impossible to take pictures while one person is holding the cat, and one person is holding the baby, all while helping the baby gently pet the cat (rather than her preferred method of affection: grabbing a big hunk of cat in her fist), and making sure the cat does not get annoyed and claw the baby.

Also, we all recently met Finn, Gran and Grandpa Dave's adorable new border terrier puppy. He's much faster moving than Boo, but with more hands on deck, we were able to snap a few shots. Here's some baby + puppy cuteness for your viewing pleasure. (Sorry I didn't include a picture of Georgia's Great Grandma - so far I can't get it to upload anything but sideways.)

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jessica said...

I love the pictures of the sleeping Finn followed by sleeping Georgia! Hilarious!