Wednesday, November 25, 2009

June: 3 Months

[This was supposed to be a 2 months post. Then a 2 and a half months post. Now it's a 3 months post. Also, you're going to have to pretend that I finished writing this about 10 days ago, because the difference between life at our house now and life 10 days ago is astounding. But that's a separate post to be written.] Here's what's been going on:

The lights came on around week 4 or 5. Such a sparkle in June's eyes in the brief windows of time when she is: awake, fed, not in tummy time (hard to ever fit it in, by the way), and not yet needing to be shushed back to sleep.

Smiles. Oh, thank God for those toothless grins. To me, there is no more tangible evidence of the power of positivity than a baby's smile, because they really can bring you back from the brink.

We've learned new tricks and invented new words, like the "bouncy rock" (simultaneously bouncing the baby up and down while rocking back and forth in a rocking chair), and the "shushy shower" (making the loudest shhh noise you can, while showering, with the baby safely seated next to the shower). June's favorite radio station is 103.3 (read: static). She hasn't met a fan she didn't like.
{June has a special knack for almost never allowing me to sit peacefully for a meal.}


Oh Lord, the puking. One of June's nicknames is Spitty Smitty, used only affectionately, of course. I try not to write much about this, because it must bore you to tears, but I can't help mentioning it. The frequency and quantity is remarkable, and I really try not to let it affect me at all, remembering that it's not that big of a deal and will eventually end. But sometimes, oh sometimes it really gets to both Joe and me. Like when I've just gotten showered and dressed only to get slimed 5 minutes later. I am truly thankful to have a healthy baby, though, and try to remind myself of that when I lose my patience and lose sight of what a relatively minor inconvenience being drenched in baby spit up several times a day is.
{Our standards for what requires a wash have dropped to new lows, but this one did go straight to the laundry. Despite all this, she's somehow packing on the pounds: 13 lbs. 2 oz. and 24 1/2 inches as of her 2 month appointment, placing her above the 95th percentile for height and weight.}

June and I emerged from our "bunkers" somewhere between months 1 and 2. I had been holed up in the back bedroom, sometimes out of exhaustion, and sometimes in an effort not to further confuse Georgia by having mommy around while the nanny's over. (That's still a work in progress, by the way. I am so grateful to have help, but I do think this has been a confusing time of transition to Georgia and exacerbated her separation anxiety.) For her part, June's "bunker" consisted of being parked in the bouncy seat, in the bathroom, with the bathroom fan on to provide white noise. Yes, that is where she slept during the day for WEEKS, right there next to the commode. (Sorry, sweetie, but you didn't seem to mind.)

Her current nicknames are: Junie, Junimal, and Junebug, of course.

Learning the ropes of life with two children has not been easy, and in that respect, June has really put us to the test. But I have to say, she is the sweetest little baby one could hope for. She coos around and "talks" to us a lot. She's generally happy, and her cries are easily decipherable and mean only one of three things: (1) I'm hungry; (2) I'm tired; or (3) Why did we stop moving?



Georgia continues to be exceptionally tender-hearted towards her sister, too, always giving her kisses and hugs and telling her she loves her. She runs around mimicking my every action (nursing, rocking, etc.) with her baby doll, and sometimes calls it "her June." (Now, I have to add, she also sometimes calls it: baby, white baby, Baby Abe, white Baby Abe, and Baby Sharona, among other things.)


{Why is it I have a sneaking suspicion that photos like this are not possible with boys?}

Can't believe a quarter of a year has passed. Can't believe the "newborn" stage is technically over. Not sure how to neatly wrap this up, so I'll just end by saying that November 7th was June's first day of official laughter. Fantastic stuff. (Here's a not so great video clip of that if you're interested; I figure I'll look back at this years from now and think it actually is pretty great, which is why I'm including it.)

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