Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Time 2009

I tried to ignore the camera a bit more this Christmas, even though I do love taking photos. It made for a more relaxed experience, but now upon reflection I realize that I'm missing hugely significant portions of the holiday. Namely, the bulk of our families, not pictured here. I guess that's one thing I need to force myself to do more of -- group shots. Here's our Christmas album (so to speak) for '09.

From our Christmas card (sorry if you're seeing these for the 6th time now):
Christmas 09-22
{FYI, I don't alter her eye color in photos, but I do think the camera does something funny to blues. I mean, it's not that they're not amazing in real life, but they look like fakes here to me.}

Christmas 09-23
{And June's are more blue in real life. I think they look greenish here.}

Card 3
{Getting a shot of the two together was tricky. Here, Joe is serving as the backdrop. He is covered in a black sheet. They are sitting on his lap.}

A failed card attempt:
Christmas 09-1

Christmas 09-16

Christmas 09-2
{This was Georgia's first year to put Purple Mousey on Joe's parents' tree. Family tradition is to put him on first, but necessity required him to go on last this time.}

Christmas 09-3
{Purple Mousey's close up.}

Christmas 09-4
{Party time. If you can't drink 'em, get in the ice bucket.}

Christmas 09-5
{Who knew you could have this much fun with a walker?}

Christmas 09-6
{June with Great Grandma.}

Christmas 09-7
{The sled from Gran and Grandpa Dave was a big hit. And when you're 2, a small incline amidst the never ending flatlands can pass for a hill.}

Christmas 09-8
{I just like this picture because it looks like she's been abandoned in the middle of this frozen pond.}

Christmas 09-9
{Making pizza with Santa's little helper.}

Christmas 09-17
{Photographic proof that we did make it to the Christkindl market. Even if it was only for 3 minutes. We picked the worst possible day to go, and Georgia could not have cared less about the market, but I guess once I get a plan in my head I usually force it, even in the face of blustery winds and snow. I think I was drawing stares wearing this backpack on my back, Georgia on my front, and pushing June in the stroller.}

Christmas 09-10
{Oh my God, how much do I love this picture? Some babies continue to fall asleep in their parents' arms for a long time. Mine do not. So this Christmas Eve nap that June decided to take on me was a real treat. Sidenote: Georgia and June both suck the exact same two fingers on their left hands to soothe themselves to sleep. So odd. So cool.}

Christmas 09-18
{Setting out treats for Santa and the reindeer.}

Christmas 09-19
{"Snitches." Georgia kinda struggled with the whole idea of not eating all of Santa's food.}

Christmas 09-11
{Christmas morning.}

Christmas 09-12
{Fairy costume courtesy of Nana and Pop Pop.}

Christmas 09-13

Christmas 09-14

Christmas 09-15
{Reading to baby in her new rocking chair. Several Christmas gifts for some reason spurred Georgia to strip down naked. Anyone making fun of the amount of time this girl is allowed to stay in p.j.'s isn't fully appreciating the fact that that's actually a step up. It's 10 degrees out, and she spontaneously sheds all clothing multiple times a day.}

Christmas 09-20
{A rare photo of the 3 of us girls.}

Christmas 09-21
{Had to include this. Two days after Christmas, and what is she playing with? Her new toys? Why, the contents of our kitchen cabinets, of course! Nice lineup, sweetie. Now you all understand why some of Santa's offerings included things like kleenex, bandaids, and paper towels.}

Last but not least...
Lights in Room-1

Lights in Room-2
{Joe's handiwork. This room started December as Georgia's and ended the month as June's. The lights were peaceful and beautiful to me. Georgia, don't say we never did anything cool for you, okay?}


ritap said...

Wonderful photos, Kate. Happy new year!

Danni said...

Awesome photos! Looks like a lovely holiday.

Crystal said...

Maybe it's the princess costume, but I think Georgia looks more like Alice in these photos than she ever has before!