Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 7th Anniversary

7 years of marriage seems like a good excuse to make you all look at another wedding picture , er woops! I meant, to declare my undying love for my groom and best friend.
{Fully ignored my dad's request for "no mariachis!" at our wedding.}
Thanks to babysitting courtesy of Joe's parents, we celebrated by enjoying dinner at Longman & Eagle (including what felt like a decadent one hour wait at the bar - I mean, who normally has time for restaurants that don't accept reservations when you're paying a babysitter?), and running 2 errands sans children in tow. And we were home by 9:30. Ha!

As I looked over at Joe, tinkling the ivories in the electronics aisle of Target, all seemed right.  It was just where I'd imagined I'd be at 9:00 on a Saturday night when I was standing here 7 years ago:
{Was this the moment at the altar when I remembered I'd forgotten to unbustle the dress?}
And now, a run-on sentence that I should've said to my cousins long ago:
Cousins, yes you Sara and Tom, and spouses included, Scott and Kerri, oh my gosh I had a great time in Mexico, and I loved it and wouldn't change a thing and hope that somewhere deep down you had fun, too, but please understand that I had NO IDEA what I was asking of you at the time, I was 27 and had no children, and now I have 2 children and still cannot imagine dragging them to Mexico, I am not cut out for it, no matter how much I love the place, and I can't believe that you took on the cost and hassle and ohmygosh all of it in order to bring your entire families to our wedding, and it was wonderful to have you there, and wow, twins on top of it, and wow, pregnant on top of it Kerri, I can't believe you all did it, and if you felt like you didn't have a choice, well then, again, I am sorry because like I said I was CLUELESS, and to me flying children to Mexico was like the same thing as walking them to the end of the block to go to the playground right, and here I am 7 years later telling you that I still haven't spent more than 1 night in a hotel room with a young child, and that was when Georgia was 4 months old and we were in a roadside hotel, but that is beside the point, the point is thank you so much for coming! 

Shwew!  I feel better now!

P.S.  Joe and I saw True Grit Monday night.  2 date nights in 3 nights!  Before you get all angry jealous please note Saturday was our first "Kate & Joe only" evening excursion since the first week of May.  So we're going for the "Most Improved" award in 2011.


Danni said...

Happy anniversary!

Maggie said...

Congratulations!!! Target is TOTALLY the way I intend to spend our 7th anniversary also.

Me? A Mom? said...

Ha ha. I totally need to do some apologies ala "we were clueless" to my sister.

Congrats on making it another year!

p.s. the word verification is "putpint" which is nonsense but still made me laugh for some reason

Sarah said...

Congratulations Kate! You guys are still cute as ever!