Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Miss Bossy

Got this email from my sister, who is all too familiar with Georgia's very particular ways when it comes to bedtime: 
Ha ha! From babycenter.com about 3 1/2 year olds -

Some clever bedtime resisters prolong the routine by asking you to kiss not only them, but an ever-increasing cast of stuffed animals. If your child tries luring you into a 20-minute kissing party, put your foot down. What seems fun at first will get tiresome fast. Say, "You have too many animals for me to kiss. Let's pick three, and then I'll blow a big kiss to all the rest when I walk out the door."

The truth of the matter:  forget multiple animals, she'll only allow one.  But do they have an article about the order in which kisses must be blown, from parent to child or from child to parent?  Do they address fastball kisses, curveball kisses, and scribbly kisses, or just regular kisses?  And what about positioning, I mean, where exactly should the parent stand?  At the foot of the bed, or over by the door?  Because our daughter has very strong opinions on all of these things.  I pity the babysitters.

Related:  Last night Georgia was playing with a piñata prize from her friend Anna's birthday party, a new whistle (gee thanks, Maggie), when our neighbor asked her, "What do you call someone who stands in an intersection and uses a whistle to tell people where to go?" thinking of course that her answer would be police officer or traffice cop.  Georgia's response: "Instruction worker!"

Yep, that sounds about right.

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jessica said...

That is the most brilliant answer ever!