Monday, April 25, 2011

Fair and Balanced

Seems like if I'm gonna boast about the 1 day of this pregnancy that I ran a race that I should also confess to the multiple Fridays of this pregnancy that Joe and I have driven to Sweet Mandy B's, bought a dozen sinfully delicious cupcakes, stashed them in my bedroom closet like contraband (because they're not deemed safe for Georgia, so it'd just be mean to leave them in plain view in the kitchen), and then proceeded to snarf them down like Cookie Monster all weekend.  And I think it goes without saying that he allows me to outpace him at a rate of about 3:1. 

But I never claimed this blog was all about truth and accuracy, did I?  This is just the tip of the Stuff That Gets Left Out iceberg. 

Sweet Mandy B's
{Funny, this photo was taken in July 2009. Seems someone has done this before.}


Kelly said...

Ahh, now this is more like it :) Those cupcakes look delicious!

Ann said...

Well, kudos on the race. That's awesome. But THIS...THIS I can get behind. Those look delicious. Mmmmm.

Cindy said...

Oh! I miss those. ;) Lucky girl. Congrats on the race. That's awesome!